for extreme heavy lifting and jackings

Jacking Supplies is a Company specialising in the Supply of material necessary for extreme heavy lifting and jacking operation,
primarily the heavy duty wooden jacking chocks.

The Azobe wood for our product is selected from environmentally sustainable logging operations from forests in the Central African area.

After the felling the trees the have been left laying in water for over 5 years to mature, then the best trunks are selected and only the heart of the tree has been used to make the heavy duty jacking timbers.

The timbers come in strong steel boxes of 100 pieces per box and are equipped with lifting eyes that make it easier to handle with a heavy duty lifting equipment.

The timbers have a dimension of 10x10x110 cm and can handle up to 30 tons metric in the middle when supported at both ends.

When packet together 10×10 as a climbing support for climbing Jacks they can handle up to 600 ton up to 3 mtrs high and more with the help of steel timbers or other bracing mechanisms that helps to make the support stronger and more stable.

Then its possible to go as high as needed too complete the task in hand.

Of course we can supply all of this and give you good advise when needed.


Rent a Specialist

Also for  the rental of specialised Operators  familiar with SPMT’s, Strand Jacks, and Computerised Jacking Systems.

Business Asistance

We also have very good contacts and relations with several companies that are working in this Business, where we can find Everything that will make your job a lot Easier Faster and SAFER !


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